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1. what does it mean that the Foundation is the controller of my personal data and where does it get it from?

Administratorem danych osobowych jest Fundacja IDEANOVA z siedzibą w Przyszowej, do znalezienia pod adresem: 34-604 Przyszowa 82. W tej Polityce dla ułatwienia używamy skrótów “My”, “Fundacja”

A data controller is the entity that decides how your personal data is used.

2. does anyone else administer the data I have given to the Foundation?

No. At the moment, we do not have any partners who are co-controllers of your data.

3. How can you get more information from us about the Foundation's processing of your data?

Email us at: the title "processing of personal data".

4 What data do we require (and for what purpose) and why are we asking for your consent?

A. In each form, we require certain data that is necessary for us to carry out the particular activity for which you are writing to us, e.g. your name and email address for responding to your request for a collaboration or project (idea/problem).

For the purposes of competitions, we often require more data, which are sent in specially dedicated forms. We then process your data for the performance of the contract or our legitimate interest as data controller. Without their provision, we will not undertake the particular activity for which you apply.

B. Sometimes, however, we simply encourage you to provide us with data for additional purposes that we care about. Then we always legally ask for your consent. For example, in order to keep you informed about our statutory activities in the future.

For the time being, we do not collect or plan to collect your special category data (so-called sensitive data) anywhere.

Remember, you can always withdraw your consent by writing us an email. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of prior data processing on the basis of consent.

5 On what basis and for what purpose do we process your personal data obtained through the Foundation's website?

A. We process your data where it is necessary for us to perform a contract we have entered into or are about to enter into with you, including:

  • for the implementation of the cooperation agreement for our activities,
  • participate in our events such as conferences, workshops or training courses to which you apply,
  • Your participation in the competitions we organise, as long as you have entered and the competition rules are in the nature of a contract,
  • handling requests and questions you address to us in connection with your contracts or
    in order to conclude them.

B. We also process your data on the basis of the legitimate interest of the IDEANOVA Foundation as data controller, i.e. for:

  • to handle your requests, questions or requests addressed in particular via the contact form, which do not relate to the performance of contracts, including providing information on our activities and objectives,
  • to contact you directly during the term of the contract on matters relating to the statutory activities of our Foundation, and to provide you with information about our activities during this time,
  • Your participation in the competitions we organise, as long as you have entered and the competition rules are a public promise,
  • conducting statistical analyses,
  • to comply with reporting obligations to the entities that subsidise our activities, insofar as you have participated in our activities funded by such entities, which require information on the beneficiaries of the activities for reporting,
  • to protect the Foundation's legal interest in the event of a possible legal dispute (including the establishment, assertion or defence of claims),
  • the Foundation's fulfilment of the principle of accountability (demonstrating that we have adequately fulfilled our obligations as a controller of your data),

C. We also process your data on the basis of your consent, provided that you have given it. Your consent is voluntary on your part (you can, you don't have to) and you can revoke it at any time by writing to us. Only with your consent can we process your data for purposes:

  • to facilitate our contact with you by telephone on issues (problems/projects/ideas) you have reported to us,
  • to contact you with regard to our statutory activities, including invitations to cooperate, both individually and by so-called mailings (newsletters), by telephone and/or e-mail, depending on what you have agreed to.

6.1 What are your rights to your data?

You have the right to request access, rectification, completion, erasure, restriction of processing and portability, to object. In order to exercise your rights - please contact us.

6.2 The right to withdraw consent and what are its consequences?

Data not marked with an asterisk is provided by you voluntarily, and we collect it for the purposes covered by your consent. Data provided on a mandatory basis may also be processed by us for other purposes for which we need your consent.

So, if you have given your consent to data processing - REMEMBER! you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to: or by clicking on the relevant link (available e.g. in the mailing). In this case, the processing to date (from your consent to its withdrawal) will be lawful.

6.3 Did you know that you also have the right to lodge a complaint?

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw) if you feel that something is not right with our processing of your data.

7 How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data for the duration of the contract concluded with you, and also after its termination for the purposes of:

  • to resolve any disputes,
  • to comply with legal obligations, including in particular tax and accounting obligations, where applicable,
  • statistical analyses carried out for our purposes,
  • for a maximum of 6 years from the date of completion of the contract.

In particular, we store your data for the purposes of collaboration or your participation in competitions.

During the term of the contract, we also store your data for the purpose of contacting you and keeping you informed about activities, until the contract ends or unless you object beforehand. Note that if you have agreed, for example, to us keeping you informed about our activities, regardless of the end of the contract we will still be able to send you information about what we manage to do at that time.

We also keep your personal data for the purposes of our reporting to entities that subsidise our activities for the duration indicated in our contracts with them and insofar as you have benefited from activities subsidised by them.

For the purpose of accountability, i.e. to prove compliance with the regulations concerning the processing of personal data, we will keep the data for the period during which the Foundation is obliged to retain the data or the documents containing them in order to document compliance with the legal requirements and to allow public authorities to control their compliance.

We also keep your personal data for the purposes for which you have consented, in this case until the activities in question have ended (e.g. the end of the mailing), including an assessment that the data is no longer needed for them by us or the withdrawal of consent by you.

In particular, if you have given your consent to receive information about our Foundation's activities, your data will be processed until the information about the Foundation's activities is terminated or your consent is withdrawn. Your consent can also be partially withdrawn, e.g. to the extent of data provided voluntarily.

8 Who do we share your personal data with?

Your data is collected using the WordPress tool and the plugin, but to the best of our knowledge the providers of the aforementioned software are not able to access the data we collect using this software.

We also use Google, Search Console, Analytics.

The aforementioned instruments themselves are installed on a server whose provider contractually assures us that the processing complies with EU requirements and is located in Poland, and the data is transferred via a secure connection (encrypted ssl). One of the servers is also located outside the EEA.

Your data may also be transferred by us to our other service providers, for the sole purpose of handling our activities and the purposes of processing already stated in this Policy.

Our service providers in particular cannot decide themselves on the use and purposes of the processing of your data entrusted to them by us, including using it for their own purposes.

For the purposes of reporting to our funding bodies, we may share your data with our grantors, but only for the purpose and to the extent necessary to account for the costs of activities in which you have participated (if you have participated in such activities).

Your data will not be passed on to other parties, in particular we will not sell it to anyone.

9 Do we transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area?

Yes, to the extent indicated in point 8, your data may be transferred to a cloud tool provider based in the USA, and this is done with the legal and accompanying technical safeguards required by the European Union.

Our servers are also located in Poland.

10. does the Foundation process your data automatically including profiling?

The Foundation processes your data in an automated manner, but we do not profile your personal data (among other things, we do not analyse your behaviour in order to forecast and infer what your preferences and interests are).

11 What is the Foundation's policy on cookies?

The Foundation's website uses text files commonly referred to as cookies, inter alia, to adapt the website to users' needs and for statistical purposes.

We use cookies to collect information about how users use our website and to correctly configure the site, and to remember user settings (e.g. language, font size, etc.).

We use cookies for analysis, research and audience auditing, in particular to create anonymous statistics that show how users of the website use our site. This knowledge allows us to improve the structure and content of our pages.

Cookies are also used by websites that we link to when showing media, for example.

11.1 How do I accept the cookie policy?

By accepting it, among other things, in the forms on the website, or simply by not changing the settings in your browser. At the same time, you can always change your settings, and we do not take this as a contradiction to acknowledge that you have read the rest of the policy.

11.2 Can I block your use of cookies?

You can change your browser settings regarding cookies so that they do not collect the above information. If you do not change these settings, you accept the cookies used on our website.

You can find out how to block and restrict the installation of cookies via your browser settings or by using one of the many (free) instruments available at


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